Typically, elite NFL quarterbacks stay with a team for their entire career.

However, a massive wave of transition continues to sweep the game’s most crucial position.

At first, you get one or two instances of NFL starting quarterbacks going elsewhere, like Brett Favre to the Minnesota Vikings or Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos.

However, the empowered players saw mobility as an opportunity to demand a better situation from the team or leave for greener pastures.

That said, several quarterbacks might be on the move after the 2021 season.

But of all the play-callers in the league, seeing these three playing for another team would be a huge shocker.


3. Kyler Murray

In this social media age, unfollowing someone is like ending a relationship.

The act may be subtle to some, but it amounts to cutting ties for the people who had technology all their lives.

Therefore, Kyler Murray’s act of unfollowing the Arizona Cardinals’ social media accounts and removing references about the team on his profiles could signify a rift between team and player.

Attracting interested teams for him won’t be difficult, given that he’s a quarterback on the rise that finished second in completion percentage during the regular season.

Likewise, he will only count a reasonable $11.3 million for the last year of his rookie deal.