Major League Baseball's franchise owners put a halt to the offseason in December, when they voted unanimously to lock out the players and trigger the league's first work stoppage since 1994-95. For as long as the lockout is in effect, teams are unable to negotiate with free agents, leaving the fates of Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Freddie Freeman, and others to be determined at some future date, when the league and the MLB Players Association have ratified a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Although it may prove to be some time before those players put their pens to paper, that doesn't mean we have to abstain from taking wild guesses at their eventual contracts. Indeed, below you can find our best stabs at the pacts each of the top 10 remaining free agents will sign once the lockout is lifted and business resumes. (Do keep in mind that this exercise is for entertainment purposes only, and as such should not be used to shame us when the estimates prove to be wholly inaccurate.)


1. Carlos Correa (No. 1 on top 50 list): 10 years, $330 million

So far as we're concerned, the guidepost for Correa's contract is the 10-year pact worth $325 million that Corey Seager signed with the Texas Rangers prior to the lockout. Correa is the better player in our estimation, based in no small part on his perceived likelihood to remain at the shortstop position for the long haul. Correa's camp reportedly turned down a 10-year offer worth $275 million, so we're going to guess that they have a similar comparison point in mind. As such, we'll guess that Correa ends up edging out Seager to the tune of a 10-year deal worth $330 million.