It has now been over two years since Troy Tulowitzki announced his retirement from his playing days, and Patrick Saunders of The Denver Post recently caught up with the former superstar and discussed various topics, including how he’s been making use of his post-playing time.

Tulo retired at a relatively young age for a player of his caliber, as he was just 34 at the time. However, it wasn’t his heart or his soul that took him off the field. “I won’t say that I wanted to retire at that point because I still loved playing the game,” he told Saunders. “Unfortunately, my body didn’t let me keep playing.” This isn’t terribly surprising to hear from the man himself, as baseball fans could see the toll injuries were taking on him as his career progressed. After playing over 100 games for five straight seasons from 2007 to 2011, he was limited to 47 games in 2012 and just 91 in 2014. He played two nearly full seasons in 2015 and 2016, but then just 66 games in 2017 before missing the 2018 season entirely. He played five games for the Yanks in 2019 before deciding to hang up his spikes.