Predicting the 2021 NCAA tourney format

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We now know the NCAA will hold the entirety of its 2021 men's tournament in the state of Indiana, with most of those games in Indianapolis. We also know Selection Sunday is on target for March 14 and that the NCAA's intention is to wrap its 68-team, 67-game event with the Final Four on April 3 and the national title game on April 5, the same dates that have been in place for years. 

What hasn't been announced is a schedule for the games. But through some fun reverse engineering, I'm going to attempt to paint what I hope eventually proves to be a fairly accurate picture of what to expect by the time the Big Dance tips.

I wouldn't expect many days without at least a couple of NCAA Tournament games once the event starts. There are still some things to figure out with venues (like the NBA and the NCAA working together to find a way to allow the Indiana Pacers to play a couple of home games after the tournament starts and before it ends), so keep in mind those details are currently in flux. We already know the health guidelines for the NCAA Tournament, as they were released last week. With this information in mind, I've been told by sources that some teams qualifying for the NCAA Tournament will arrive in Indianapolis 24-48 hours before Selection Sunday to cut down on having all 68 teams get there the day Monday after.

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