Miami Heat Want James Harden Or Bradley Beal

Fadeaway World

The Miami Heat have started with a 4-4 record, and are in the 7th seed after struggling at the beginning of the season. Jimmy Butler lead them to the Finals last season but after their rough start, they could be looking for another high-caliber star to add to the roster.

Recently, Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer has reported that the Miami Heat would be in the hunt for a superstar like James Harden or Bradley Beal. Adding a consistent scorer to a superstar in Jimmy Butler should put the Miami Heat as one of the favorites to make the Finals again.

Miami shouldn’t qualify as an under-the-radar team since it was involved in public trade reports for Harden, but it was frequently mentioned nonetheless. The Heat have cooled on those discussions in recent weeks, though they could put together an offer built around Tyler Herro. Following their Finals run, the Heat are off to a bumpy start, with a 4-4 record and the 23rd-ranked offensive rating. League sources expect Miami to remain in the race for either Harden or Beal.

The Miami Heat are obviously interested in competing now: they could trade young players to compete for a championship this season. There were some realistic trade packages being proposed, as listed down below.


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