Ranking LeBron James’ four NBA championships: Win over Warriors unmatched; latest title his easiest task yet

CBS Sports

One of the most incredible numbers in modern sports is that LeBron James has been in the NBA Finals in 10 of his 17 seasons, including nine of the last 10. That is just absurd, the relative inferiority of the Eastern Conference during his Miami Heat and (two) Cleveland Cavaliers tenures notwithstanding, and last Sunday he notched his fourth championship. 

I know, it's not Michael Jordan's six. Whatever. I would argue we're looking at that debate all wrong, muddying the line between the more accomplished player and the better player, and besides that, I don't think Jordan faced nearly the same level of competition as LeBron, whose seven-game Finals victory over the 73-win Warriors was, in my book, the most impressive NBA championship of my lifetime. So let's start there. Here is a ranking of LeBron's four NBA championships in terms of difficulty. 

1. Cavs over Warriors (2016)

To me, this is one of the most impressive championships in sports history, and it is certainly, to this point, the crowning achievement of LeBron's career. That Warriors team was unbelievable. For the Cavs to be down 3-1, a deficit from which no Finals team had ever recovered, and come back to win that series was as difficult a task as any NBA player or team has ever faced, the Draymond Green suspension and Andrew Bogut's injury that kept him out Games 6 and 7 notwithstanding.


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