Fox News’ Top 10 NBA Players List Is Very Controversial: Shaquille O’Neal 3rd, Kobe Bryant 6th

Fadeaway World

Top 10 lists are always controversial and that takes a different dimension when you talk about NBA players. The GOAT debate is a hot topic in the league but that doesn’t raise as many eyebrows as the top 10 best ballers in NBA history. That is indeed a sensitive topic since nobody has the same perception or taste of players.

Fox News gave his two pennies on this matter delivering their own Top 10 NBA players list and as usual, it was controversial. To make things worse, it was not even because of the #1 spot, which belongs to Michael Jordan, followed by LeBron James. Things go wrong when we see #3, which according to FN, belongs to Shaquille O’Neal.

O’Neal’s pure dominance was the reason why the NBA was forced to change its rules. First, when O’Neal was a member of the Orlando Magic in 1993, he made a put-back dunk that was so strong, that it basically broke the backboard, and the goal ended up folding and lowering to the floor. This caused the NBA to have a backup hoop in every arena.


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