Roger Goodell’s NFL Draft booing hell may be over for now

New York Post

The NFL draft is one week away on Thursday, April 23, and the television production plan between ESPN and NFL Network has progressed. So let’s give you the latest rundown of the 11 most important points.

1. Roger Goodell will announce the picks from his Bronxville basement. The NFL is still going over how it will arrange his room.

2. Will the commissioner be booed? This is a staple of the draft, but I wouldn’t bet on it. That said, ESPN and the NFL are trying to incorporate fan videos into the broadcast that they are culling from social media.

3. There will be cameras in each of the coaches and GMs homes so the telecast will give the feel of what the NFL usually calls the “war rooms.”

4. ESPN and NFL Network will have the exact same broadcast on the air, but the broadcast will have a more of an ESPN feel.

This is less about the fact that ESPN has access to its Bristol studio and more about, with all the technological hurdles, it just made sense to combine the broadcast, according to NFL Network senior vice president of programming & production Mark Quenzel.

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