Ray Allen says he received death threats after leaving the Celtics for the Heat in 2012

Mass Live

On July 11, 2012, Ray Allen signed with the Miami Heat and instantly went from loved member of the new Boston Celtics Big 3 to one of Boston’s most hated athletes. He was vilified for joining LeBron James and the champion Heat, rather than stay in Boston and challenge them.

On the new Cedric Maxwell podcast, Allen discussed his departure, what lead up to it, and the fallout from his decision.

“I left because there were so many unresolved issues that the team wasn’t considering or willing to change,” Allen said. “As a free agent, you want to know the team is going to do the things you know they need to do. So what is it now? It’s 2020, so you’re talking about nine years, now. I’ve gotten so much hate, death threats, vitriol from Boston fans. Obviously these guys have kind of removed me from the Big 3 and said so many negative things about me and I haven’t had one negative thing to say about any of them.”

Allen says underlying issues built up to his decision to leave Boston. He was vague in many ways, but clearly he felt disrespected to some degree in the final days as a Celtic. He says he felt his voice wasn’t being heard.

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