League Of Legends CBLOL April 11th Matches Odds & Predictions

I don’t know of anyone who is enjoying the current coronavirus lockdown that we are seeing across the world. This is especially true of sports fans, may of whom are having a difficult time adjusting to life without their favorite form of entertainment. It is even tougher on those of us who love to wager on the sports that we watch, but there is a little bit of a silver lining in that there are other things to wager on. Esports has developed a massive global audience over the last few years, and that number will almost certainly grow once people discover how fun it is to watch and wager on. For this piece, we are looking at the Brazilian League of Legends events for April 11. There are 4 games on tap, with each matchup being the best of 1. Let’s get to the games in the CBLOL on Friday and League of Legends Odds.

League Of Legends CBLOL April 11th Matches

Redemption Porto Alegre Vs Prodigy Esports

Before we get into the Saturday games in the CBLOL, it is worth noting that there is a round of games set to go on Friday, so the results mentioned in this piece will have been played prior to that. Porto Alegre are sitting down near the bottom of the table at 4-8, but they are coming off a win in their last outing, although that little run may come to an end on Friday when they face the team at the top. Prodigy are tied for 3rd at 7-5 and are coming off a win, so look for them to keep it rolling with another win here,


The race for the top spot in the CBLOL is a tight one, but can anyone run down Vivo Keyd? The leaders are currently sitting at 9-3 and looking very tough to beat, but given how close things are, they will be well aware that just one slip up could potentially see them lose their lead. It’s tough to imagine that mistake coming here, though, as they are going against a KABUM team that is tied for last with a record of 4-8. This should be a comfortable win for Vivo Keyd.

INTZ Vs Flamengo Esports

While Vivo are doing a fine job of maintaining their lead, it is Flamengo who are the team breathing down their neck right now, sitting 1 win off the pace with an 8-4 record. They will be looking to bounce back this weekend after a surprising loss to Porto Alegre in their last outing. INTZ are tied for last in the CBLOL right now, sitting at 4-8, and they are heading into the weekend on the heels of another loss, this time to Prodigy. I don’t see Flamengo slipping up twice in the same week.

Furia Uppercut Esports Vs paIN Gaming

The CBLOL is basically split in half at the moment, with the top 4 teams beginning to open up on the bottom 4. The games this weekend could see things tighten up or perhaps become even more divided, depending on how things go. Furia find themselves in the bottom half of the standings with a 5-7 record, while paIN is still within reach of the top spot at 7-5. This could be a big weekend for paIN, so look for them to get the win here.