The Edmonton Oilers’ effort faded Wednesday night in Las Vegas, going from supernova in the opening 15 minutes of the game, to simply not enough to beat a smoking-hot Golden Knights team by the third period.

You could see it from as far away as The Strip. One team had legs in the third period. The other did not.

And I know what many of you are thinking: “How can these guys be tired? They’re young. In their prime. In fantastic shape. They charter everywhere they go. Eat the best food. Make millions of dollars…”

All true. I say the same things on many a night.

But there is another truth when it comes to the National Hockey League on Feb. 27 of any given season: Everyone is tired.

The coaches are running out of fresh ways to deliver the same game plan. The video guys have clipped the opposing power plays so many times, they know them as well as that team’s coaches do. The writers are worn down, chasing teams that charter everywhere on commercial travel, with the inherent security, delays and cancelations that make air travel what it has become today. The pungent odor of the glove dryer makes the equipment guy want to go back to university.

But you don’t care about those people.