Wayne Gretzky truly believes in the idea that "records are made to be broken," so much so that he's actively rooting for Alex Ovechkin to break his all-time goal scoring record. Rather than get crotchety when asked to make comparisons with modern players, as veterans in all sports like to do from time to time, Gretzky expressed his admiration for Ovechkin's talent and applauded where he's gotten so far in his 15 NHL seasons.

"What I accomplished, I'm very proud of," Gretzky told NHL.com on Friday. "It's hard to do what I did, and it's really hard to do what he's doing now. But there's no question in my mind that he has a real legitimate chance of doing it. The two things that you need; you've got to stay healthy, and he's proven that over his career. He plays hard and he stays healthy. And, secondly, you've got to be on a good team — and he plays on a good team."

The Capitals left wing currently sits at 692 NHL goals in his career, tied for ninth in league history with Steve Yzerman.