The Big 12 Conference issued its formal reprimands in response to Tuesday night's brawl between Kansas and Kansas State, handing down suspensions to four players involved in the incident. Among them, Kansas big man Silvio De Sousa received the harshest punishment with a 12-game suspension. Jayhawks teammate David McCormack is suspended two games. 

Kansas State players James Love and Antonio Gordon received bans of eight and three games, respectively, for their roles in the incident.

Kansas conducted its own investigation and announced Wednesday morning that it was suspending De Sousa indefinitely pending further reaction from the Big 12 office. Given the length of the suspension, De Sousa won't be eligible to return to action until KU's regular-season finale against Texas Tech on March 7.

The brawl broke out just as the second-half clock was expiring in KU's rout of rival Kansas State. De Sousa had the ball stripped from him by K-State's DaJuan Gordon, who bolted towards the other side of the court for a layup attempt before the final horn. De Sousa swatted Gordon's shot and subsequently stood over him, sparking a bench-clearing brawl. De Sousa was assessed a technical and seen amidst the melee picking up a chair in an attempt to use as a weapon. He dropped it before the situation escalated further.