College football has five “power” conferences and only four teams in their playoff. That means one conference champion gets left out of the playoff. In some seasons, when there are several 2-loss teams, that is not a big issue. But this season is different. Things are shaping up for the College Football Playoff to potentially have to make an extremely difficult decision in leaving out a very deserving 1-loss conference champion.

Currently Ohio State, LSU, Clemson and Georgia are in the top four. Assuming the favorites all win, the committee would have a difficult choice for the fourth spot. Ohio State, LSU and Clemson would all be in the playoff, but who would get the fourth spot?

Utah faces Oregon in the Pac-12 championship. The Utes are 11-1 and ranked No. 5 by the College Football Playoff. Does their No. 5 ranking suggest that if they beat Oregon and Georgia loses, they get in?