4 Trade Destinations for Blake Griffin After Pistons Horrid Start

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The 2019-20 season hasn't gone according to plan for Blake Griffin and the Detroit Pistons. Griffin'sscoring, rebounds, and assists are all down from last year. Meanwhile, Dwane Casey is starting to lose control, and the Pistons have won just six of their first 19 games this season. With Griffin still scoring 20 points per game and the Pistons destined for a rebuild, these four teams might be able to supply Detroit with players and picks while they take on the explosive power forward.

4. Portland Trail Blazers

Portland made it to the conference finals last year, but they've been reduced to signing Carmelo Anthony off of the free agent scrap heap just to stay afloat. Their biggest issue remains inside, as Hassan Whiteside's effort can come and go while Zach Collins' injury has put his season on hold. Well, acquiring Griffin would cost a fortune, considering the $34 million he's raking in this year, but if Portland could find deal involving players and draft capital that could match his salary, they should certainly consider pulling the trigger. Unfortunately, Portland doesn't have much financial flexibility.

3. San Antonio Spurs

If there is anyone that would appreciate Griffin's evolving game, it's Gregg Popovich. A Griffin trade would force LaMarcus Aldridge to move to center while Jakob Poeltl moves to the bench, but the two of them together in one frontcourt is the kind of thing Popovich dreams about. Plus, if the Pistons are still suffering from the delusion that they can win now, they might be able to grab the seemingly disgruntled DeMar DeRozan and reunite him with Dwane Casey.

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