Astros: MLB execs reportedly think buzzing bandages may have been used to relay pitches

CBS Sports

Last week, a bombshell report detailed the system the Astros used to steal signs during their 2017 World Series championship season. The team reportedly had a center-field camera fixed on the catcher, someone decoded the signs on a monitor in the hallway between the dugout and clubhouse, and banged a garbage can to relay incoming pitches to the hitter.  

The latest wrinkle comes from Joel Sherman of the New York Post. Sherman hears Astros players may have worn a buzzer device on their body to help relay signs. From Sherman:

In recent days I have had scouts and executives talk to me about a variety of methods they think have been or could be employed, such as a realistic-looking electronic bandage placed on a player's body that buzzes in real time to signal what is coming — one buzz for a fastball, for example — if the surveillance determines what type of pitching is coming. One person I spoke to has ties to the Astros and said he already had spoken to MLB's investigators. 

Stealing signs is not explicitly against MLB rules and pretty much everyone within the industry is fine with signs being stolen the old-fashioned way.

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