‘This tarnishes everything’: Astros cheating allegations have baseball world demanding punishment

USA Today

Major League Baseball general managers slowly trickled out through the resort courtyard late Thursday morning to catch rides to the airport, talking and laughing with one another, giving their best Thanksgiving wishes, and promising to catch up on the phone.

One GM stood off to the side, obscured by the tall bushes toward the check-in desk, not talking to a soul.

Jeff Luhnow, general manager of the Houston Astros, was the man everyone was talking about at these annual general manager meetings, but for all of the wrong reasons.

There may be 30 different agendas at these meetings, but this time virtually all were united on one front.

They want to see the Astros go down.

And go down hard.

They want the Astros to pay a fortune in penalties, being fined a record amount of money, forfeiting draft picks, international signing bonuses, and two even told USA TODAY Sports they wish MLB would force them to vacate the 2017 World Series title.

Over the last two days of the GM meetings, USA TODAY Sports spoke to 14 executives from around the league about the allegations made against the Astros. They requested anonymity because MLB instructed them not to publicly discuss the potential offenses.

“They’ve been cheating, they still are cheating, and it’s time MLB puts a stop to it,’’ one National League GM said. “Come on, they won 60 games at home this year. Look at their numbers when guys are on base (MLB-best .282 average) since 2017. The banging of garbage cans and pipes (as a way to convey signs). The whistles. Everything.

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