Kentucky’s John Calipari tops list of best ‘agony faces’ for college basketball coaches

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Kentucky, as you probably know, lost at home to Evansville in one of the biggest college upsets in

If you weren’t watching the game, or didn’t happen to be keeping tabs on the score, but just happened to scroll past a certain picture of Wildcats coach John Calipari on Twitter, you probably knew something awful had happened on the court to the top-ranked Wildcats.

Because, folks, no coach in college hoops does the “agony face” quite like John Calipari.

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that look that combines elements of “I can’t believe that just happened” with “I’m completely heartbroken for my players” with just a dash of “My life will never be OK again” sprinkled in, just for good measure.

And for Calipari, it’s really and truly a work of art.

Not every coach has an “agony face” in their expression arsenal for when things aren’t going well. For some, like Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, there is only simmering, intense rage. For some, like Virginia’s Tony Bennett, there is only stoicism — good luck trying to guess the score by his facial expression. For some, like Kansas’s Bill Self, the look is mostly surprised disgust. And for some, like Iowa’s Fran McCaffery, there is fuming rage that borders insanity (and far too often, rage that steps over the border).

But we’re not talking about those expressions today. Today, we’re looking at 10 of the best agony faces in college hoops. There’s no official ranking — apparently the Fagan Agony-Face Misery Index formula wasn’t approved by Sporting News editors — but just 10 coaches who aren’t afraid to let their disappointment show on the sidelines.

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