In the span of less than an hour yesterday, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes dropped jaws across the nation, making two unbelievable plays that showcased all the skills and attributes that make them so special. The first came from Jackson, Baltimore’s awe-inspiring quarterback, who juked and spun his way through the Bengals (admittedly porous) defense on his way to a nearly-unthinkable touchdown run. Mahomes’ moment came shortly after, as he leapt in the air with defenders closing in around him and managed to complete a pass to Mecole Hardman, who raced into the end zone for another seemingly-impossible score. But while these moments transcended our collective expectation of what’s possible, and while Jackson and Mahomes have done this countless times during their short NFL careers already, it’s far too early for anyone to crown them the future of the NFL. I say that not because they can’t be. They absolutely can.