Lamar Jackson is officially the best running quarterback the modern NFL game has ever seen. Well, almost officially. And he's a darn good passing quarterback, too.

Jackson put up a perfect passer rating (158.3) for the Ravens in Sunday's 49-10 rout of the Bengals in only three quarters of action (15 of 17, 223 yards, three touchdowns). He became the second quarterback to do that in two games in a single season, following his destruction of the Dolphins in Week 1. But of course, he still stole the show with his prolific and dazzling rushing.

Jackson ran for "only" 65 yards on seven attempts, but his highlight was a 47-yard video-game burst to the end zone to put Cincinnati away in the second half. He zoomed past the Bengals' defense on every level and spun around it all the way for a touchdown in the most impressive dash of his two-year career.

In other words, it was the Michael Vick Experience — call it the Lamar Jackson Action.