Daniel Ross wasn't happy to be put in cuffs by the officer during his arrest … telling the cop straight-up, "I shouldn't even f**king be in this car!"

It's all in new police footage obtained by TMZ Sports … which shows a cop pulling over a clearly pissed off Ross in the parking lot behind a Texas Wal-Mart.

The cop explains he stopped Ross because of the excess noise from his car … and after the officer finds a gun and weed in the vehicle, he questioned the 26-year-old.

The cop wanted to know why Ross had the drugs and the gun … and Ross was so frustrated by the questioning, he said, "I shouldn't even f**king be in this car!"

The cop agreed … and when Ross eventually told him he had the stuff in his ride because he and some friends had brought weed to the gun range the day before, the officer scolded him.

"I'm assuming if you play for the Cowboys, you've got a lot to lose," the cop says. "I mean, you've got to think about those things!"