Head coach for the Oakland Raiders Jon Gruden has never been one to shy away from calling out the NFL if he feels like it’s necessary. His team has a game on Thursday night against the Los Angeles Chargers and Gruden wasn’t subtle about his feelings about the new tradition. “I hate this. I don’t believe in this Thursday football,” said Gruden to the media. “I’m not going to be on my soap box any more than that. It hurts us. It hurts both teams. We take a lot of pride in getting our guys ready to play. We need a little time to do that.” Thursday Night Football has become bemoaned by many as it is seen as too quick of a turnaround for NFL players. Teams only get a few days in between games, which isn’t enough for some players’ bodies. Unfortunately for Gruden, these games probably won’t stop anytime soon. At least the team will get a long week of preparation once they get past the Chargers. The only thing Gruden likes more than calling out the NFL is calling out the referees.