Why Mickey Callaway May Return As Mets Manager

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Despite having two years to assess him as the team’s manager, the Mets still have not been able to make a decision on the future of Mickey Callaway. While you may want to perceive the team having organizational meetings without him as a sign he is not returning, it should also be noted Fred Wilpon had a personal meeting with Callaway to discuss future plans for the bullpen.

Therein lies the rub. As was the case with Terry Collins, the decision to keep or fire Callaway will always reside with the Wilpons. While many believe he should be fired, there are still reasons to keep him.

From the Wilpons perspective, firing Callaway would require the team to pay two managers. Since the Wilpons have assumed sole control of the franchise, this is not how they have operated the team.

Consider for a moment, the Mets previous managers, Jerry Manuel and Collins, managed until the end of their contracts before the team went in another direction. At the moment, Callaway has another year on his contract, which could give the Wilpons the reason they need to keep a manager they may want to keep in place.

Callaway has also proven to be a perfect foil for the franchise. Many times, Callaway is left holding the bag for decisions made by other people in the organization, and he catches all the heat. As a case in point, we know Brodie Van Wagenen has been texting in-game decisions to Callaway, and yet, Callaway continues to catch heat for the moves. More than that, he stands up and accepts the blame for those decisions – whether he or someone else made the decision.

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