Everything has changed for the Giants except Daniel Jones

New York Post

He has seen his game-winning play a few times on television, laughing at the suggestion he changed the channel.

Daniel Jones certainly does not mind hearing and seeing and being reminded of the impact he made in his first NFL start. The impact he made in the game and the impact he made to a Giants franchise and a fan base desperate to see him do exactly what he

The aura around the rookie quarterback instantly changed the moment he looked up, saw nothing but green grass and ran 7 yards to glory for a touchdown and the decisive points in a 32-31 victory Sunday at Tampa Bay. Just like that, the sales of his No. 8 jersey skyrocketed. Those who knocked him coming into the NFL draft fell silent and those who lauded him — quite a minority — stood up to take a bow.

When Odell Beckham Jr., as a rookie, announced his presence with that outrageous one-handed catch in a game — a loss — to the Cowboys, he got a shout-out on Twitter from LeBron James. Yet when Jones’ phone began vibrating, it was mostly well-wishes from family and friends from back home in Charlotte, N.C., and from his college connections at Duke.

And so, asking Jones if he now feels like a celebrity elicited a wide smile from the 22-year-old.

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