Why the Clippers should absolutely sign Joakim Noah

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Do you ever scroll through RealGM's list of available free agents and try to match your favorite ones with teams that could use them? Does it irritate you that there are NBA-caliber players just sitting there, willing and ready to contribute, and day after day 30 franchises choose not to sign them? No? Well, anyway, Joakim Noah will join the Los Angeles Clippers' team workouts this week, per The Athletic's Shams Charania, and, if he demonstrates that he is at least as healthy and mobile as he was last season, they should offer him a contract because:

Noah was quietly a bright spot for the Memphis Grizzlies in 2018-19, and I use the word "quietly" only for those of you who are not Grizzlies fans and didn't watch much of them. In Memphis, there was nothing quiet about Noah — he played with the fire he was known (and beloved) for throughout his Chicago Bulls tenure, the pep back in his step after a buyout ended his dark tenure with the New York Knicks. At 34 years old, he did not move the way he did when he was the Defensive Player of the Year at 29, but he provided energy off the bench and played smart positional defense. 

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