Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool evolution turns into European revolution

Sporting News

There was a time in Andy Robertson’s career, not all that long ago, that he was considered too small for professional soccer and released from a club in Scotland. There was a time, not long after he got back in the sport, he was pleased to have a job with a club shuttling between the first and second divisions in the English game.

Now, Robertson is a Champions League winner, an automatic starter on one of the best teams in the world.

Robertson’s rapid ascent is a product of his own perseverance, his underrated skill and a bit of serendipity. He found the ideal home at the perfect moment in his career. He found that home, though, because Jurgen Klopp found him. And it’s ideal for him because Klopp is the man in charge.

Jurgen Klopp has changed Liverpool Football Club’s horizons, just as he has Andy Robertson’s.

“I think he’s taken me to a whole new level, maybe a level that people didn’t think I could get to,” Robertson told Sporting News. “Which is pleasing for me, and hopefully pleasing for him, as well. He’s been fantastic for me since I came in, and it’s been a wonderful two years working under him, and I hope that continues.”

Klopp is at the beginning of his fifth season at Liverpool, and this one will be different than those that preceded it. There are challenges that remain, but he no longer carries the burden that greeted him when he arrived in the fall of 2015: to make the club elite again.

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