Meet the Colorado WR Who Has the NFL Drooling: ‘He’s Julio Jones, Only Bigger’

Bleacher Report

He has never seen anyone like him.

Never. Anyone. It's a distinct description with zero wiggle room for a no-frills realist like Colorado head coach Mel Tucker.

"That's just not a statement you're going to hear from me," Tucker says.    

Until he met Laviska Shenault Jr. 

In 23 years as a defensive assistant or coordinator in college football and the NFL, Tucker has been around every size, shape, strength and speed possible at the wide receiver position.

Plaxico Burress and Josh Reed. Michael Jenkins and Santonio Holmes. Alshon Jeffery and Calvin Ridley. Those are but a handful of the players he has coached and doesn't include those he has coached against.

None has the complete package of Shenault.

"You could go a whole career and not coach a guy like him," Tucker says, and he can feel the skepticism, so now it gets serious.

He leans in, elbows on his knees with a steely stare that looks a whole lot like the one he gave his team an hour earlier during practice when he barked, "You'd better be comfortable with being uncomfortable, with that sense of urgency to do it right every time, or you can take your ass to the [NCAA transfer] portal right now."

"Some guys are your speed, go [route] guys," he continues now. "Some are your slants. Some are your highpoint-and-go-get-the-ball. Some are your guys that can go over the middle. Or size and strength and run-after-the-catch guys.

"This kid is everything rolled into one."

If that doesn't do it for you, maybe this will: One NFL scout tells Bleacher Report that Shenault—at 6'2", 225 pounds with a sub-4.4 40—will go in the first five picks of next year's draft.

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