Hey look, the Angels squandered another epic Mike Trout season

The Score

Mike Trout, as you've surely heard by now, is done for the season.

After being hampered by soreness for the past month, Trout – who last appeared in a game on Sept. 7 – will undergo season-ending surgery this week to address a condition called Morton's neuroma that causes pain in the ball of the foot.

The most pressing question raised by Trout's injury is whether it'll hinder his chances of earning a third American League MVP Award. The quick-and-dirty answer? It might. But it shouldn't. And it probably won't.

The only other viable contender in the American League is Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros, and Trout has been the superior player in every conceivable way. Obviously, if Bregman goes completely bananas over the final two weeks of the season, things could change, but right now it's Trout's award. The only ostensible edge Bregman has on Trout is that his team is going to the playoffs, and no right-headed voter should allow that to dictate their decision. Trout shouldn't be penalized for the ineptitude of his teammates, nor should Bregman get extra credit for the excellence of his. Got it? Good.

Even more distressing than the potential impact on his MVP candidacy is how frustratingly inconsequential Trout's injury is for the Angels, who are currently heading for a second straight fourth-place finish in the American League West and weren't more than five games above .500 at any point in 2019. If the Angels were fighting for a postseason berth, Trout would've tried to play through the pain, he said. As usual, they're not.

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