10 NBA Stars That Could Be Traded This Season

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The NBA is a league of movement, and this has been the case in most recent years. Some of the league’s stars have moved around a lot last season, and this trend will likely continue in 2020.

Teams have different needs when they decide to trade their star players and these greatly depend on a team’s strategy at the moment. Some teams need young players while others need veterans and leaders. Either way, these stars will provide significant production to any team that they settle with next.

Here are the stars that could be traded in this upcoming season.


Kevin Love

Love is still a very capable knockdown shooter and rebounder who can be an integral part of a championship team. At the same time, Love can contribute greatly to a team needing leadership and veteran experience. He can score in a variety of ways and can average 10 rebounds per game if he puts his mind to it. He is an All-Star talent even at his age.

Why the Cavs will trade him: The Cavs will expect a trade package with young players and draft picks in order to make this work. Cleveland needs to go on a rebuild in order to compete in the nearest future, as their current selection of players need much more time to develop. Draft picks and young players will greatly help that cause.


Andrew Wiggins

Why Andrew Wiggins is valuable: Wiggins’ reputation has taken a hit last year when Jimmy Butler decided that he wanted out of Minnesota due to his immaturity. Still, Wiggins is a very capable scorer and a solid defender who has almost unlimited potential. He is extremely athletic, and can easily be a cornerstone for a franchise. Athleticism and scoring is the requirement for modern NBA teams, and Wiggins fits that mold.

Why the Wolves will trade him: Depending on where he goes, Wiggins might become one of the best young players in the league and start living up to his potential. Minnesota will probably like a couple of players who can rack up wins for a declining Minnesota team. Wiggins is not fitting well with KAT at the moment, and he still needs time to grow.

Minnesota will want to capitalize on KAT’s best years by providing enough talent around him.

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