Makur Maker to decide between going pro or enrolling in college

247 Sports

Top five 2020 prospect Makur Maker is gauging interest between signing with a professional league or playing college basketball once he graduates high school, he told 247Sports.

“I definitely want to see what RJ (Hampton) and LaMelo (Ball) do after this year and see how they play against these professionals,” Maker said. “It’s definitely appealing playing against grown men, although you’re playing against grown men in college too. Competition is going to be there no matter what."

“The thing about college is you play on national TV every night so you’re getting that exposure from the country and basically the world. That’s very appealing to me.”

Maker, who ranks No. 6 in the 247Sports Composite Rankings and 4th overall in the Top247, has received interest from the NBL, G League and other professional leagues, his guardian Ed Smith told 247Sports.

“It’s almost like the college, they are trying to see what we want to do,” Smith said. “Both groups will be able to recruit competitively. I think that’s important. We are watching what happens with LaMelo. Slam (Magazine) jumped on Melo and are doing something with him. So we’ll see how that marketing works."

“The thing about college is it keeps you relevant, and from my perspective it helped Zion (Williamson) a lot. He did get better, but it also helped his career standpoint. You have to keep an eye on that.”

If Maker, a 6-foot-11 versatile forward, opts to go the college route, his college options are strong.

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