Warriors’ Bob Myers claims part of him wanted to let Kevin Durant go

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Under general manager Bob Myers and coach Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors have become arguably the most player-friendly organization in the NBA. Five seasons of that that goodwill was put to the test in the aftermath of Kevin Durant rupturing his Achilles tendon in the NBA Finals, leading to widespread speculation that Golden State rushed him back from injury against his wishes. That’s been proven false, of course, as Durant has forcefully indicated in the interim it was his decision and his decision alone to return in Game 5 against the Toronto Raptors after missing the previous month of play with a calf injury.

Durant, it seems, harbors no ill will toward the Warriors, and as Myers told The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami, he simply wants what’s best for the two-time MVP – even though that means Durant bailing on Golden State in free agency to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

“I had a sense that it might go the other way. But part of me wanted to allow him … this was a time, as it is with all the players, they don’t owe us anything,” Myers said of Durant keeping he and the Warriors in the dark before he agreed to join the Nets, per Pro Basketball Talk. “This is their moment to be a free agent. He doesn’t have to tell me. He didn’t even have to say anything then. He could have said ‘Tune in, I’ll let you know’ or he could have done whatever he wanted to do. He’s earned that.”

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