Pat Shurmur is coaching with urgency Giants desperately need

New York Post

What do you think fans who root for and athletes who play for the Bills and Redskins think when they look ahead to the first month of the regular season and see a game on the schedule at the Giants?

“That is a road game we can win.”

How do you suspect the Buccaneers view their Week 3 home matchup with the Giants?

“That is a home game we should win.”

There is no doubt this September gives the Giants a chance to steer clear of the terrible starts that sabotaged their season the past two years — 0-5 in 2017 and 0-2 that turned into 1-7 in 2018. Facing the Cowboys, Bill, Buccaneers and Redskins means the Giants can, fairly realistically, be 3-1 and must be at least 2-2 if they are to operate on the fringe of any semblance of playoff contention as the temperature drops and the heat rises on coach Pat Shurmur to replace Eli Manning with Daniel Jones.

When Shurmur, following the 32-13 preseason victory over the Backup Bears, said, “We’ve got a little different team than some,’’ he opened the shade and let some light in as to what these Giants are all about. The Bears sat all their starters and Shurmur played his first-unit players, keeping offensive centerpieces Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram in bubble wrap but sending everyone else out onto the field.

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