Mariners manager Scott Servais benches Mallex Smith for repeated mental mistakes

Seattle Times

While manager Scott Servais has often maintained that he knows the televisions cameras will always find him after a mistake by one of his players and because of that he will always control his emotions, no matter how angry he may be, there are still little cracks to his stoic facade that can be noticed.

Usually the most telling sign of displeasure is the removal of his hat, a quick rub of his dark hair now speckled with grays from those mistakes with a stare of disgust, and then putting the hat back on with perhaps the slightest shake of the head.

It’s a reaction he’s had often this season with Mallex Smith and the myriad of mental and physical mistakes made by the young outfielder. True to his beliefs, Servais has chosen to keep his displeasure in the clubhouse, handling any discipline or reactions in private. It’s how he prefers to handle most situations. But there is a limit to that privacy. Jean Segura found out late last season. Smith found out on Saturday when he was benched for repeated mental mistakes in the field and on the bases, including a gaffe in Friday’s 7-3 loss.

How long Smith remains on the bench has yet to be determined by Servais. It’s a message that Servais didn’t expect to have to send.

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