Sam Darnold and the Jets Are a Lot of Fun, but Are They Ready to Be Great?

Bleacher Report

The Jets are having a lot of fun right now.

Sam Darnold and the starters looked like they were having a blast when they marched 75 yards for a touchdown on seven plays against the Giants on Thursday night. And Darnold sounds like he’s eager for more.

“With this offense, we haven’t found anyone that shies away from the bright lights,” Darnold said after practice Sunday, noting many of his teammates upped their intensity in the preseason opener. “It’s going to be really fun, and we’re just going to continue to go out there and have fun playing football.”

Head coach Adam Gase doesn’t come across as a jolly sort of guy. But “fun” has also been his mantra over the last few days.

Gase said last week that it would be “fun” for his staff to finally coach the Jets against a real opponent. And he said Sunday he was having such a good time against the Giants that he had to remind himself to pull Darnold from the game.

“Mentally, I had to be like, ‘He’s out,'” Gase said. “I wanted to keep going, because those guys, they make it fun to call plays.”

The Jets break training camp Tuesday—a mostly symbolic occasion, as the team practices at its headquarters and not some college in the countryside—and everyone appears to be in a great mood. Why not? The first-team offense looked great against the Giants. The first-team defense looked good enough. The strong preseason performance was followed by a crisp Sunday practice in which Darnold and Co. picked up where they left off Thursday night, according to a report by NJ Advance Media’s Matt Stypulkoski.

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