‘Racist’ accusations fly in exposed messages between wives of White Sox players

New York Post

Direct messages between significant others of current and former White Sox players got political, sparked outrage and became public in messy fashion.

White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito’s wife, Ariana Dubelko Giolito, revealed a private exchange between Bria Anderson, the wife of shortstop Tim Anderson, and Elizabeth Swarzak, reliever Anthony Swarzak’s wife, from the group chat where the two were arguing over gun control and white supremacy in light of the recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. Giolito said she was disgusted by Swarzak’s sentiments.

“I am so disgusted and disappointed. Bria Anderson is a teacher with a Masters degree working on her doctorate while raising two girls and running a non-profit organization that works with the youth of South Side Chicago,” Giolito wrote on Instagram with photos of the chat. “For someone within this baseball family to say such disgraceful and disgusting things, to shamelessly act in a demeaning and hateful way is reprehensible.”

A series of screenshots from the conversation reveal Swarzak, whose husband pitched for the White Sox during part of the 2017 season, defending the term “white nationalist” and accusing Anderson of only speaking out about crimes done by white people. Swarzak argues that if she were to promote awareness for the “black on black crime” in Chicago like Anderson had done to highlight the recent shootings as the targeting of Hispanics and immigrants, she’d be deemed a racist.

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