Steve Kerr on Warriors roster changes: ‘We don’t know who we are’

San Jose Mercury News

Should he have time between practices and hearty meals, Warriors coach Steve Kerr can venture to the casinos here and learn more sobering news about his team.

Unlike the past five years, the general public does not believe the Warriors will win the NBA championship. Bovada tabbed the Warriors with 14/1 odds to win the NBA championships, while granting more favoritism to the Houston Rockets (12/1), Philadelphia 76ers (10/1), Milwaukee Bucks (6/1), Los Angeles Lakers (7/2) and Los Angeles Clippers (11/4).

“I’d rather be the favorite again, to be honest with you,” said Kerr, who is on Team USA’s coaching staff for the FIBA World Cup (Aug. 31-Sept. 15). “I like coaching. Every year is a little different. This will be a lot different.”

Yes, it will be. Three years after the Warriors sold Kevin Durant during a meeting in the Hamptons, Durant left for Brooklyn after winning two NBA titles and two Finals MVPs. Once considered veteran stalwarts, Andre Iguodala (traded to Memphis) and Shaun Livingston (waived) became salary cap casualties after the Warriors acquired All-Star point guard D’Angelo Russell as part of a Durant sign-and-trade with Brooklyn. Once considered durable, Klay Thompson will miss at least half of next season after injuring his ACL in his left knee in a decisive Game 6 loss to Toronto in the NBA Finals.

So after winning three NBA titles in five Finals appearances, the Warriors are no longer making tentative plans for championship parades.

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