Tom Brady’s bump still doesn’t ensure he’ll finish in New England

NBC Sports Boston

After significant wrangling, the Patriots and Tom Brady have agreed to a pay bump for 2019. But the structure of the deal means the two sides will be at it again in less than a year.

Brady gets an $8M salary raise from the $15M he was scheduled to make ($14M plus $1M in per game roster bonuses).

But the ensuing two years of what was described by ESPN’s Adam Schefter as a “two-year extension” have salaries north of $30M which means that the Patriots will definitely be back at the table again with Brady to avoid the fat cap hit that will hit in March of 2020.

In short, Brady gets his raise and the Patriots get their way in terms of being able to pull the ripcord on Brady next March if they don’t think he’s worth the huge salary and he refuses a renegotiation.

It’s a deal that allows the Patriots to save face because if Brady were to go into his walk year with a salary far smaller than much lesser quarterbacks, it would have looked bad. And, to be frank, Brady may not have done it.

The placeholder salaries for 2020 and 2021 also mean the Patriots won’t have to franchise him if they want to keep him around and they’ll get him at a lesser price than the franchise tag would have been $32.5M.

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