Patriots should pursue Trent Williams trade using money saved on Tom Brady

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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots agreed to yet another contract extension on Sunday, and it is no surprise that the new deal gives the team more flexibility to improve its current roster. If the Patriots really want to thank Brady for being unselfish yet again, there is one obvious move they can make.

Go get Trent Williams.

Brady was originally scheduled to make a $15 million salary and carry a $27 million cap hit this season, but he agreed to a two-year extension with the Patriots that raises his salary to $23 million in 2019 and lowers his cap hit by $5.5 million. With that, the Patriots now have somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 million in cap space. Using some of it on Williams would make a lot of sense.

Williams, a Pro Bowl left tackle, has not reported to training camp with the Washington Redskins. In addition to wanting a new contract, the 31-year-old is reportedly angry with the team’s medical staff over how his recent health scare was handled. Doctors found a mass on Williams’ head and initially feared it could be malignant, but he underwent a surgical procedure and learned that it was not. It’s unclear what exactly the Redskins did during the process to anger him, but his relationship with the team is not in a good place.

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