Nick Saban denies offering coaching job to former Ohio State coach Zach Smith at Alabama

CBS Sports

Alabama coach Nick Saban opened his first news conference for the 2019 season answering questions about Ohio State and former wide receivers coach Zach Smith. After a public records release on Friday by Ohio State revealed text messages from Urban Meyer to an unknown recipient about Smith's potential departure for Tuscaloosa.

When Saban talked to reporters on Saturday, he said he spoke with Smith, but said he never offered him a job on his staff.

"I think it's pretty common that sometimes people that get interviewed someplace or someone calls and shows interest in them," said Saban. "It's the way this profession works is that you go in and use that as leverage to try and improve your situation where you are now, especially if you have a job or you decide that that's a better opportunity for you. We talk to a lot of coaches about a lot of things. I really never did ever offer this guy a job."

Saban went on to say that Alabama decided to go in a different direction after vetting Smith following the interview process.

"He did a nice job in the interview," Saban said. "But it was when we did the background check that we decided that there was a better opportunity to hire somebody else, and that's what we did."

Meyer, the former Ohio State coach, said in a text message to an unknown recipient in January 2018 that Smith was offered a job at Alabama.

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