Dwayne Haskins confident he will start, but for now, he’s still learning

USA Today

The words flow from the lips of the young quarterback. But something in the cadence suggests a degree of hesitation.

“Snug right, pass 17, Wanda, Y-sift, U-nudge, X-globe, bench,” Dwayne Haskins says.

He’s done it: successfully spat out one of the many, complex and lengthy play calls of the Washington Redskins’ offense. He’s pretty sure, anyway.

“Or, what was one we had today that was ridiculous?” he reflects, rubbing his chin and leaning back in the folding chair outside of Washington’s practice facility after Thursday morning’s practice. “Bunch right, pass 12, punch, umm, Z-special, zebra, dagger – or whatever it was – um, cannon, with three jet.”

It sounds like gibberish. Psychobabble.

But these are just a few of the many wordy lines by which Washington’s offense lives. It’s Haskins’ job to memorize and relay them to his teammates. He must know what each call means, so he can then execute them properly.

He’s getting there. But it’s a process.

Until Washington drafted him 15th overall in the spring, Haskins had never encountered such terminology.

At Ohio State, the Heisman Trophy runner-up directed an offense that featured plays consisting of roughly four words.

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