Carmelo Anthony Explains Why He Didn’t Get To Join LeBron James And Dwyane Wade In Miami In 2010


Free agent forward Carmelo Anthony has made his fair share of NBA headlines over the past few days, as a number of reports have focused on the fact that he remains unsigned more than one month after the start of free agency, as well as his messy split from the Houston Rockets last season. While he told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith on Friday’s edition of First Take that he is still looking forward to potentially teaming with longtime friend LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the more interesting revelations from this interview focused on why “Melo” apparently missed out on a chance to join fellow 2003 lottery picks James and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat in the summer of 2010.

As cited by Bleacher Report, Anthony looked back on the 2006 offseason, when he was supposed to join James and Wade in signing shorter three-year extensions with their respective teams. While Anthony chose to re-sign with the Denver Nuggets for another five years, James and Wade were able to enter free agency in 2010 and form the Miami Heat’s “Big Three” alongside Chris Bosh, who was also selected in the top 10 of the 2003 NBA Draft.

According to Anthony, it was “immaturity” that led to his decision to sign a five-year extension with the Nuggets in 2006 instead of the three-year deals James and Wade had inked. As he was just 22-years-old at that time, he explained that he was still “naive” as far as contract negotiations were concerned and didn’t understand how he could benefit from signing a shorter extension.

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