Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. says he and Baker Mayfield are going to be ‘scary’

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Odell Beckham Jr. leaped and got his hand on a Baker Mayfield pass in the back of the end zone Friday, but Christian Kirksey broke it up. But Beckham promises that in a few weeks, when the star receiver and his new QB get their timing down, that’s six points almost every time.

“As tight a window that was, I feel like I should make that catch,’’ said Beckham, who was double-covered on the 7-on-7 red zone fade by Kirksey and Terrance Mitchell. “He puts it in a good enough place, I should make that catch, and that was the first time we did it. That’s the stuff that comes with practice. Once you get on the same page, I just feel like it’s going to be scary.’’

Beckham, who skipped all of OTAs and voluntary minicamp while he wrapped his brain around the trade from the Giants, acknowledged that it will take time for him and Mayfield to find their mojo. But it’s coming, as evidenced by some amazing receptions he’s made over the past week, including a tipped and bobbled sideline catch in last week and a one-handed special on Friday.

“Everything that’s great comes with patience, takes time, so we’re still developing,’’ Beckham said. “The best part about it is it’s training camp. It’s not real season right now. So we’re just trying to all get on the same page, get everything down, but it’s been a lot of fun, working with Coach Freddie (Kitchens, Bake and everybody else just trying to get better each and every day."

Beckham says he’s deferring to Mayfield on what to do each play. He knows the offense and it’s his show.

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