AAU tournament director says no parents complained about LeBron’s antics

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LeBron James has been a topic of conversation on talk shows and social media this week because of the way he acted during his son’s AAU games, but one of the organizers of the event says all the criticism is unwarranted.

AAU tournament director Gary Charles spoke with TMZ about LeBron celebrating like a superfan during Bronny’s game, and he said there was not a single complaint from any parent or player at the event. He also applauded James and his family for the way they carried themselves at the tournament.

“I watched that family all week. They were first class every single day. … When that play happened, it was such a tremendous play that the excitement came out,” Charles said. “Here’s what people don’t understand — it wasn’t even Bronny that he did it for. He did it for another young man from this program. That was joy. That was excitement. I thought it was awesome the way he just went out there and showed pure joy.”

LeBron celebrated on multiple plays, so he wasn’t just rooting for Bronny. He did, however, walk onto the court and flex after one of Bronny’s dunks, which many thought crossed the line.

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