Jason Zucker, subject of trade rumors, not worried about new Wild GM

Twin Cities

If it seemed as if speedy winger Jason Zucker was at the epicenter of nearly every trade former general manager Paul Fenton tried to make, well, it’s because he absolutely was.

As much as Zucker tried to ignore the trade rumors, there was only so much he could do; Fenton seemed hellbent on trading from the moment he arrived in the Twin Cities, even agreeing to a couple of deals that fell apart at the last minute.

“It’s something where if it happens once, it’s in the back of your mind for a bit; and if it happens twice, it’s really in the back of your mind,” Zucker said Wednesday before a Beauty League game at Edina’s Braemar Arena.

On Tuesday, owner Craig Leipold fired Fenton after only 14 months on the job.

“It was definitely something that was at the forefront of my life for a while. That said, it’s hard for me to fault him if he thought that was what’s best for the organization.”

That, of course, is no longer something Zucker has to worry about. You could say Zucker got the last laugh, although he won’t say it himself.

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