Penguins’ Alex Galchenyuk ready to fill big skates on offense

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The Penguins knew they were taking a gamble when they shipped Phil Kessel to Arizona in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk and prospects, but they made a smart investment with what they got in return.

The 25-year-old hasn't yet put up the same point production as a player of Kessel's caliber, but he's still growing his game and has already shown that he is capable of producing on the top-six. And now that he's in Pittsburgh, he's bound to find a spark on the forecheck.

After experiencing ups and downs with the Canadiens and not knowing whether he'd play at center or wing, he was shipped out to Arizona, where he impressed immediately with his versatility and shooting ability. In 72 games, he finished as the Coyotes' top goal-scorer (19) and also finished third in points (41) on a weak offensive team. Now, he's ready to bring his skill set to Pittsburgh, which should automatically help his stat line.

Looking at his production over time, Galchenyuk hasn't been played with the caliber of a top-six forward who can put up 20 goals and 40-50 points a season. He hasn't had the strongest offenses around him, especially with Arizona, but he'll be able to find more depth and chemistry in Pittsburgh, especially if he joins the second line as expected.

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