Amari Cooper is smart to avoid a holdout from Cowboys and could break the bank next year

CBS Sports

A host of big-time NFL wide receivers want new contracts before the 2019 season. This is nothing new, and it usually involves a contract that is either way under market or coming up after the season. In Dallas, oddly, there is no such holdout, despite Amari Cooper entering the final year of his deal.

Cooper could certainly hold out and he wouldn't even be the first Cowboys offensive player to do so. Ezekiel Elliott is engaging in one of the great passive aggressive holdouts of our time, publicly flirting with the idea of leaving the country for a vacation just as Cowboys camp started and skipping the team flight to excessive fanfare.

But it's not on the receiver's mind, according to what he told reporters at Cowboys camp.

"I don't even think about it. I think the media thinks about it more than I do," Cooper said. "I just think its one of those things that's going to come naturally whether it happens in this [training camp] or not. It's not really that big of a deal to me honestly."

Asked about Elliott and Saints receiver Michael Thomas, who is also holding out from camp while waiting to get as much as a $20 million/year deal from New Orleans, Cooper simply said "different strokes for different folks." Cooper also referenced Melvin Gordon's situation with the Chargers — Gordon wants a new deal as he heads into his fifth-year option. 

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