Trading Noah Syndergaard isn’t crazy… racing to do it now is

The Sports Daily

The Noah Syndergaard trade rumors rocketed up to an 11 yesterday thanks to a series of interesting tweets from national beat writers. First, this one from Ken Rosenthal, which indicates that the New York Mets are weighing a Syndergaard deal while extending pending free agent Zack Wheeler.

On the surface, this isn’t the worst idea in the world. Wheeler has value and can be a no. 2 starter behind Jacob deGrom, and his trade value as a pending free agent coming off a stint on the injured list isn’t great. Syndergaard has pitched better of late and has significantly more team control, enabling the Mets to ask for a ton in return, which could be a way to enable them to fill multiple needs with one deal. The more concerning tweet came from ESPN’s Buster Olney, who dropped this bomb on the world.

So Rosenthal has the Mets listening to Syndergaard offers while Olney is reporting that the Mets want to move him now. On its surface, this part of the Syndergaard rumors makes no sense. Syndergaard has a ton of value, sure, but what the Mets can ask for him in return is probably at a low right now. So far this season, Syndergaard is 7-5 with a 4.33 ERA and 1.26 WHIP in 20 starts. That level of performance isn’t going to get as good a haul for the Mets than if they let Syndergaard pitch for them for the final two months to boost his value.

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