Should the Raiders Target Jadeveon Clowney in a Trade?


NFL training camps are starting and with that, holdout season is also upon us. Rumors of big named stars holding out are already aplenty and some holdouts have already begun. Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott is looking like he’s going to sit things out for a while and Chargers’ Melvin Gordon has already begun his holdout. Neither of those two guys are on a franchise tag, they are just unhappy playing under a rookie contract. Houston Texans DE Jadeveon Clowney will very likely join the fray of holdouts. In Clowney’s case, he’s currently under the franchise tag because he and the team couldn’t come to a deal in the offseason. It’s a messy situation that could very well end with him being traded away.

This question is tough because even with some rookie additions, the Raiders definitely need pass-rush help. When the Raiders decided to not pay Khalil Mack, there’s no way they could’ve foreseen how sorely he’d be missed. The team only sacked the quarterback 13 times during 2018. Clowney isn’t a huge sack artist like his teammate J.J. Watt, but he’s shown a consistent ability to get to the quarterback. His production would be very welcome in Oakland and he could help put the exclamation point on a defense that already looks greatly improved on paper.

The problem is, Clowney is going to want some big money. The Raiders have already demonstrated an unwillingness to shell out massive money to a defensive player as evident by the Khalil Mack trade. 

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