Alex Ovechkin’s showing no signs of slowing down

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Alex Ovechkin's still got it.

That was the main takeaway from the Washington Capitals captain's 2018-19 campaign; where he hit the 50-goal mark and won the Rocket Richard Trophy, both for the the eighth time in his career. Beyond the regular season, he also impressed with a dominant first-round performance against Carolina. The veteran superstar netted five goals to go along with nine points before Washington fell in seven games.

In his 14 years in the league, Ovechkin's play hasn't faltered over time. With 658 career goals, he's become the league's 13th all-time leading goal scorer. The Russian has also never posted below 30 goals in one season (his career low is 32). Not even in the lockout year when limited to 48 games.

Now 33, Ovechkin's still the same kid he was when he entered the league in 2005; still sporting those yellow skate laces and missing a tooth. He plays the same style: throwing his weight around and boasting a signature shot that makes him one of the league's biggest threats on offense. So far, he remains unfazed by age; showing no signs of slowing down. And that comes as no surprise to his teammates.

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