The New York Yankees head into this weekend’s action with an AL-best 60-33 record. From top to bottom, they are right there with the Houston Astros as top World Series contenders in the league.

Unlike previous versions of Yankees title contenders, most of this core group was built up through the organization. It’s been the MO of their front office since the passing of longtime owner George Steinbrenner.

This does not mean that New York has avoided making the big splash. Giancarlo Stanton ahead of the 2018 season comes to mind.

We’re here to say that the Yankees need to dive into their farm system and financial assets to add another big-name player, Madison Bumgarner, before July 31.

Here’s why.

Playoff experience: New York is already almost guaranteed a postseason spot.

Adding Bumgarner to the mix would be more for October than the remainder of the regular season.

The three-time World Series champion has been absolutely absurd in the postseason throughout his career.